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  • Handplants
    *Bare root stock:  $1.50 per tree
    *25 ct bundle:  $30 per bundle/same species

Can't decide?  Check out the ND Tree Handbook

  • Tree Protector
    Protect seedlings against the many threats (wildlife, wind, and weeds) that kill unprotected seedlings in their first season of growth.  Tubes act like a mini-greenhouse to build & grow the whole plant from the roots to the stem & shoots.
    *4-6' protector:  $4.50 each + tax
  • Tree Mats
    Available upon request.  Jumpstart your seedlings growth by using tree mats to protect against weeds during the initial growth period.  Sunblocking Plantra tree mats stop weeds in their tracks.  Ideal for plantings where seedlngs are not planted in rows.  Made with woven construction and heat sealed edges prevent unraveling.
     *6' x 6' /8 staples:  $4.00 each + tax
    *4' x 4'/5 staples:  $3.00 each + tax
  • Plantskydd/Deer Repellant
    Longest lasting, year round protection for your garden and landscape, including food crops.  Soluable powder concentrate  mixes into liquid for spraying. 
    *1 lb box.  $29.95
    *3 lb bag. $26.70

    1 Qt pre-mixed spray:  $21.95  protects approximately 100 plants 1 ft high.  Use within 3 months of opening.

    Granular formation (shaker), 1 qt:

    Organic * Non-toxic * Not harmful to animals or the environment *No synthetic additives * Lasts up to six months

  • Rain Barrels
    Collect & reuse rainwater to take care of your lawn & garden needs.  One inch of rainwater on 1,000 square feet of roof adds up to 623 gallons.  Inexpensive & easy to install.  Click here to view a how-to video on connecting your water saver kit.
    *55 gal barrel, water saver kit, spigot:  $53.50
    *Water saver kit only:  $26.75
    All items will also be charged tax.


  • Tree PlantingTree Planting
    Create a windbreak shelter and a living snow fence to protect your crops naturally, while adding to the beatutification of your land an aiding in wildlife habitation.
    2017 Prices: 
    *$25 per 100 linear feet
    *$200 minimum charge
  • Tree SpadeTree Spade (Moving)
    Utilize this service to move your large trees without killing them.  Instead of cutting down your trees, just move your mature trees to the desired location.
    $45 each/move 1 tree
    $40 each 2-10 trees
    $35 each/11 or more
    Plus $4 per mile
  • Fabric Weed BarrierFabric Weed Barrier
    A six-foot wide strip of synthetic barrier applied after the trees are planted.
    *$1/ linear foot; $250 minimum charge
    *$200 per 6' x 500' roll
    *$100 per 4' x 300' roll
  • Fabric Staples only:  $0.10/staple or $45/box of 500 (plus tax)

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