Project Trees

The Pierce County Soil Conservation District is proud to sponsor The Regional Environmental Education Series (TREES) in our area schools. Tom Gibson presents several different skits that promote soil and water conservation and teaches students the importance of implementing conservation practices.

“Pete Bogg and The Amazing Water Machine” (Grades K-3) The lovable “Pete Bogg” is a cowboy/rancher, complete with a southern drawl, who demonstrates the “Amazing Water Machine”, also referred to as the Water Cycle. By sharing some of his own experiences, he encourages students to think of ways that we can all practice conserving our precious water resources.

“Water You Doing?” (Grades K-3) In this program, a German immigrant named “Gunnar” takes students back to the early 1800’s and portrays the captivating struggle to obtain adequate water. He shares a historical perspective about what life was like for the settler and how their lives were dependent upon a good, clean and constant supply of water.

“Common Cents” (Grades 4-6) This is a fast moving, energetic game show hosted by “Darin Ewe”. Designed to demonstrate the interdependencies of our natural resources, the students are given the opportunity to be contestants who respond to natural resource based questions. Correct answers will win them ‘valuable’ Conservation Bucks or perhaps they will need some “Common Cents”! There are two programs available under this category (Common Cents & More Common Cents).

“Traveling with Lewis & Clark” (Grades K-3 or 4-6) Experience a bit of the Lewis and Clerk Expedition with this program by “George Gibson”, one of nine men from Kentucky enlisted in the US Army to join with Pvt. Gibson Corps of Volunteers for the Northwest Discovery. The program takes the audience back to March 1805 at Ft. Mandan. Students can interact with Pvt. Gibson and try their sign language skills while trading. (There are two separate programs available under this category, based on the grade level desired.)

“Sam Ting” (All Grades) “Sam Ting” delights audiences of almost any age with his Norwegian accent and humor. While entertaining his audience with his stories and jokes, Sam also teaches natural resource conservation awareness through the story of the weasel family.

Eco Ed Program

Eco EdOur Eco Ed program gives 7th grade students the opportunity to learn about our environment with hands-on fun outdoors.


Women's Night Out

A celebration to recognize the contribution of women to agriculture. The event includes a meal, keynote speaker, and gifts.


 Achievement Award Banquet

Achievement AwardLocal banquet held each year in honor of the achievement award winner and others who are chosen for their conservation practices.


Keep North Dakota Clean Poster Contest

Keep ND Clean ImageEach year, Keep North Dakota Clean (KNDC) holds a poster contest for all students Grades 1-8 in the state. The goal is to educate future generations on our duty to be responsible with our natural resources.


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